Analysis Of The Article ' Back At Square One ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Back At Square One ' Essay

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Summary of the article “’Back At Square One’”
The article “Back At Square One’: As States Repurpose Welfare Funds, More Families Fall Through Safety Net” was written by Peter S. Goodman. The article is about the struggle that people have all over the United States. Many of these individuals struggle to provide food, a decent place to live, and other common standards of living to their families. Goodman writes of a few women but mainly focuses on a woman named Brianna Butler who is struggling. In the reading there are many struggles she faces such as getting funding and getting help. Her major dilemma is that in order to receive financial assistance she needs to attend a four-week class, but no one will watch her child so she cannot go to the classes, so she does not receive the money. According to the article There are thousands of people who experience daily strife and when the United States economy experienced trouble many businesses had to lay people off and this created an even larger number of people who were looking for help. These people are looking for help to pay for their living expenses such as their property costs, mortgages, and utilities. Welfare was meant to be a short term solution that would provide people with a helping hand that would allow them to take control of their life and once again be productive and able to provide for themselves and their families. At that time many families were forced to rely on government funding in order to pay their utilities, mortgage or rent, provide food and clothing for their families. While welfare is meant to be a short term solution to helping people while they find work, many people are requiring it for longer periods. Each state has their own set of rules for which peopl...

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...heir checks each month but many people really do want to better themselves and get a job in order to avoid ever having to rely on government help again. People should not rely on the government for free money in order to live but I also feel that the government needs to put more programs in place in order to keep people off of government aid and teach them how to provide for themselves and their families by giving them all the tools that they need, like childcare and transportation, in order to help them succeed. One solution to this would be to have childcare set up at the site where the classes take place. According to the article Brianna had applied for subsidized childcare but the paperwork kept getting lost so it never got set up. If the two went hand in hand and were at the same site, then maybe more people would be able to attend the classes and finish them.

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