Analysis of Rick Grimes Actions in the Walking Dead Essay

Analysis of Rick Grimes Actions in the Walking Dead Essay

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"Disoriented", the one word Rick Grimes uses to describe the moments he has been through before reuniting with his family. In a world driven into a apocalypse, filled with the undead and anarchy, everyone's will and faith are tested. One will either be changed for worst or for the better. This essay will analyze the actions of Rick Grimes, present my ideas if I were in Ricks position, and to answer for the actions of one more character.
Both Rick Grimes and his actions are moral and unselfish. Rather than being self-centered, Rick puts his life on the line to protect the group and his family with the best of his ability. The well-intentioned actions and selfless motives of Rick is evident in these three examples. In the early events of the zombie outbreak, Rick manages to escape the hospital and meets Morgan and his son Duane. After Duane mistakens Rick for a zombie and knocks him out with shovel, Morgan and him bring Rick to their shelter. Even though Rick is desperately concerned to locate his missing wife and son, he never forgets to return the favor. For a few more days, Rick stays with Morgan and Duane as he takes the two into the town's police department to use the showers and retrieve weapons and ammunition. Despite the overwhelming danger and his worried state, Rick is able to retain his good moral character to the people of of his neighborhood, like Morgan and Duane.
Rick's good moral character and unselfishness qualities continue during the reunion with his wife Lori, Carl, and the rest of the survivors. Previously, Rick had handcuffed Merle Dixion to a steel pipe because of his violent behavior toward the group Rick joined up with. After confronting Merle's younger brother Daryl, who is angered upon how his brother w...

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...get Glen from the Latino gang hideout and in the later episodes, Daryl contributes to the group as additional manpower.
Overall, Daryl is another heroic figure in The Walking Dead. With his adept skills in surviving and hunting, Daryl eventually becomes a valued and respected member. Despite his hateful feelings toward Rick, for leaving his brother behind, Daryl is able to get along with Rick and establish a friendly attachment toward the group. Perhaps, the absence of Merle had led Daryl to find new light and friendship with the other fellow survivors.
The zombie outbreak had definitely brought Rick and the other character's a challenge to their faith and survival. Rather than waiting for their doom, the two characters, Rick and Daryl press on with the best of their ability. They chose to challenge whatever lies ahead for them, than to sit and wait hopelessly.

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