Essay on Analysis Of Pina Bausch 's ' Pina Bauschvollmond '

Essay on Analysis Of Pina Bausch 's ' Pina Bauschvollmond '

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Pina BauschVollmond
Vollmond by Pina Bausch was created in 2006 and it accentuates dancers of all races and ages in their search for solitude and an in-depth desire to love. The dance is full of unfeeling apathy, laughter and a startling vitality. There are dizzying, poignant and amazing solos that are performed on some bare proscenium. However, these actions alternates with features of both playful and playful seduction as well as comical theatre sketches within the wonderful design. The performance is created within a large lunar rock that is characteristic of Bausch’s water themes that keep on appearing. The piece has a strong pagan imagery set in a 21st century period (Wenders).
Vollmond just like other works by Pina Bausch is highly associated with contemporary dance. However, the dance is often used as a modality of contemporary or postmodern ballet. Nevertheless, this is from a perspective of the dance and not on its theatrical perspective. Bausch employs virtuous, classical dancers who steer off the performing conventions of a classical ballet. Nonetheless, her pieces has some theatrical voice and gestures, but she does not embrace the theatrical process of character construction (Wenders).
Some of the contemporary dance history in Vollmond by Pina Bausch’s features include the mixture of both poetry and the daily elements. In addition, the dance portrays a combination of operetta, musical hall and happenings. While watching the performance the viewer wonders where the rain comes from. This is a perfect portrayal of a natural happening outside the performance hall. The dancers are actually not confined within the studio as the outside world is transformed into a natural studio. The over...

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...-live the childhood memories. The society is stereotypical regarding the acceptable behavior of mature adults. Therefore, one is not expected to indulge in childlike behaviors like the ones portrayed in the Vollmond. However, it is hypocritical that Vollmond would attract such a huge audience if the activities within the dance are unacceptable. Therefore, Bausch uses the recurrent subject of childhood life to call upon the audience to re-evaluate their stand regarding their hypocritical stereotypical thinking.
Vollmond by Pina Bausch is a contemporary or postmodern ballet that uses various gestures to bring out some hidden messages during the piece. However, there are various interpretations of the gestures within the dance, but the relationship between men and women in highly pronounced. In addition, themes of fear, grief and joy are expressed in the dance.

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