Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men '

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John Steinbeck, the author of the novel Of Mice and Men uses many stylistic devices and description in chapter one to give the reader a deeper understanding of what may occur throughout the novel. Firstly, the name of the city the two protagonists, Lennie and George, are heading to is called “Soledad,” which means loneliness in Spanish; this is symbolism and foreshadowing because it can mean that as they get closer to the city, their relationship as friends may deteriorate and they may end up alone towards the end. Furthermore, this could also mean that there can be major problems in further chapters because of Lennie’s unpredictable behaviour due to his mental disabilities. In relation to Robert Burns’s poem, “To a Mouse,” the author may be trying to give the reader the message that everything in the novel may not go as what Lennie and George have planned to do. Foreshadowing is also present when Lennie apologetically tells George, “I [would pet mice], and pretty soon they [would] bit my fingers and I [would pinch] their heads a little [until] they [were] dead” (p.10). The reader can conclude from the way Lennie describes the fate of what happens to the mice he encounters is that his curiosity and his underestimation of the amount of strength he has could lead to his demise because of his tendency to “accidently” kill soft creatures he likes. His innocent, child-like behaviour and his sadistic thirst may lead him into killing much larger animals, such as humans. In addition, foreshadowing is present when George relives the situation where Lennie gets them in trouble in Weed by grabbing onto a girl 's dress that he "jus ' wanted to feel [and]… pet it like it was a mouse" (p.11). The reader may think that Lennie’s unusual behaviour... ... middle of paper ... ...he first chapter is intriguing and creates a lot of suspense towards what Lennie will do further on. Unfortunately, Lennie’s situation in the first chapter is very similar to many people in society today because people with mental disabilities are still looked down upon. People with mental disabilities are usually bullied and called names because of the lack of education surrounding it today. There have been improvements, but people still misunderstand people with such disabilities. For example, there was a teacher who bullied a special needs student in Ohio regularly until she was caught. This goes to show that the mentally disabled are harassed by almost everyone and have been shunned by society throughout history. In my honest opinion, Steinbeck’s novel clearly shows the mental, physical, and societal struggles a mentally disabled person faces in their life.
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