Analysis of Jafar and Iago Characters with Evil Trials Essay

Analysis of Jafar and Iago Characters with Evil Trials Essay

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The word “evil” can be interpreted in many ways. However, most people use the term evil to describe deliberate wrong doing that causes harm to others. Within the foundation of any compelling story there is always the struggle of good vs evil. The person who possesses the evil characteristics in the story is often labeled the villain. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, the character Iago possesses evil characteristics leading to destruction. In the Disney movie Aladdin, the villain Jafar possesses similar evil characteristics that lead to the same type of destruction. Both characters have motives, and when comparing the two one will find that although they come from different stories the evil traits they possess cause them to seem like a mirror image of one another.
In Shakespeare’s Othello Iago is known for being trustworthy and respected. Throughout the play, characters often refer to him as “Honest Iago.” Othello, whose military judgment is superior has even taken him and labeled him captain because of these traits. Iago seems to go against his reputation and act in ways that somebody who is trustworthy would not. This gives the idea that Iago is in fact a villain (Empson). Perhaps, Iago has always been evil and just created a false reputation, or maybe he was once an honest man and just decided to switch up his values. This still does not change the fact that Iago is a manipulative trickster whose desire for power and revenge leads him to destruction.
When it comes to manipulation Iago knows best. Iago goes out of his way to basically destroy Othello, the man who trusts him the most. Iago spends most of his time planning revenge towards Othello and we are left wondering why. When people do bad things it is usual...

... middle of paper ...

... it was in fact a loss because although he was powerful he was banished into a tiny lamp where his powers were useless.
Iago and Jafar both possess evil characteristics, they are from extremely different backgrounds but somehow seem to have a mirror like image of one another. They are faced with the difficulties of overcoming the evilness inside of them. They lack empathy, rely on manipulating others, and only seek out for personal gain. They are true villains and remain that way until the very end.
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