Analysis Of J. Cole 's ' Cole ' Essay

Analysis Of J. Cole 's ' Cole ' Essay

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J. Cole, “Apparently”, 2014
The music video produced for the track Apparently features Jermaine Cole, who uses the stage name J. Cole, expressing self-reflection on his life. Apparently is a lyrical story of J. Cole’s trials and errors he went through in his life that helped him reach his present day successes, which goes to show that although he has a rough history, anyone can overcome it with a little help. J. Cole expresses great gratitude for his faith for God and all the help and love from his mother, who he dedicates this song to.
J. Cole is a hip hop artist, record producer, and song writer. He was raised in a rough childhood. While growing up, he was well aware that his mother had a difficult time supporting the family. He recalls his mother refusing to eat at all one day, so that she had enough money to buy him food to eat (Music times, 2014). This is one of many ways J. Cole’s mother has expressed unconditional love for him. Although he was aware that his home he lived in was unstable, he appreciated the fact that he was granted with the privacy of his own room. Something as simple as having privacy from ownership of space encouraged J. Cole to further improve musically. “Having my own bedroom did a lot for me. I had privacy to listen to music, rap in front of the mirror, write, and daydream” (Music times, 2014). He considers his home as his sanctuary.
Famous rappers such as Nas, Eminem, and Canibus are considered to be J. Cole’s musical idols, which greatly influenced his musical style. His style captures the attention from younger generations and the adolescent population, whom also came from an uneasy childhood and along the way lost motivation. “I 'm here to spread a message of hope. Fol...

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...are forever, and are way more important than shit that means nothing ultimately,” he said. “It took me 29 years to learn that what 's going to bring me happiness does not come in the form of anything material.” (Music times, 2014)
J. Cole has earned high recognition in the music industry, which resulted to many awards. His main goal is to reach out to younger generations through his lyrics and music, especially to those who have lost direction because of their living situation and harsh environment, just like J. Cole. He hopes to inject resilience into his audience so that they have the capacity to grow from life obstacles. "Kids from home look at me and think, 'Whoa, this dude is from right where I 'm from and he made it against impossible odds," Cole said. "One of the best rappers in the game is from Fayetteville -- that doesn 't happen!” (Music times, 2014).

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