Analysis Of ' I Stand Here Ironing ' Essay

Analysis Of ' I Stand Here Ironing ' Essay

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In “I Stand Here Ironing” the narrator is absent for many important moments of her daughter Emily’s life. This absence causes many issues for the narrator to know her daughter and to create a bond with her. The narrator describes Emily’s growth in life throughout the story while also talking about her issues as a parent trying to provide for her family with relatively little help financially. These absences have caused Emily difficulty in finding herself as a person throughout life. By the end of the story the narrator tries to regain a connection with her daughter however the gaps caused by the absences make it very difficult for her. Even though there is a gap between them the narrator knows that her daughter will grow into someone who recognizes how special they are to this world.
This theme of the narrator being absent with her daughter starts of in the beginning of the story when her daughter is just a baby. When Emily was only eight months old the narrator would leave her with the neighbor downstairs. She did this so she was able to look for work and make money for Emily. We learn that at this time the narrator is only nineteen years old and Emily’s father had left them because he “could no longer endure”(Olsen 383). The narrator explains how when she was done work she would run home so she was able to she her baby girl. The narrator finally found a job working nights so that she could spend time with Emily during the day, which she says was good.
The narrator states that it got to a point in her life where she had to leave Emily in the care of her fathers (Emily’s father) family. This stay at here fathers family lasted almost a year and a half until she was finally able to return home to the narrator. The narrator was a...

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... with in growing up and explains why she may not be able to view herself in the best way because of some of those hardships. The narrator however has hope in Emily and knows that she will blossom one day to see the good in herself and the potential she has in this world.
The absences in Emily’s life cause her great difficulty to find her true self over her early years but the narrator hopes that in the future she will be able to. Emily spent many years away from her family, which made it difficult for her to grow with her family. Every time she returned home she had to adjust to a new aspect of life as well as reconnect with the things that were there when she left. Even with the narrators attempts to reconnect with her daughter things are never the same. The attempts came to late in Emily’s life and now all she can do is hope that Emily can recover for her future.

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