Essay on Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' And ' The Story Of An Hour '

Essay on Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' And ' The Story Of An Hour '

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Two Short Stories
Short stories are a form of literature works that authors use to communicate various themes and issues to the reader. As such, it is common for different short stories authored by different people to have a central meaning or theme that differs from each other. In addition, the way the author portrays his/her central theme or meaning would differ from the way other authors would craft their short stories to best portray their central meaning. While some would use characterization as a means of portraying the theme of their story, other authors employ the use of symbols to better communicate their theme. However, some slight similarities can always be drawn between short stories. ‘Hills like White Elephants’ and ‘The Story of an Hour’ are short stories that seek to communicate different meanings to their respective audience. Written by different authors, the stories also use different styles to communicate their themes to the audience. Although the two stories are similar in that they both tackle issues that deal with relationships, they differ in the central theme and the way the author brings it out. While ‘Hills like White Elephants’ uses symbols to portray the dangers of lack of communication in a relationship, ‘The Story of an Hour’ uses characterization to point out that need for independence in marriages and the fact that sometimes even those marriages that are founded on love and kindness end up being oppressive.
The central theme that it evident in the short story ‘Hills like White Elephant’ is that of conversation versus communication and the problem that it causes on relationships. Although the short story is primarily hinged on a conversation between a man who is only id...

... middle of paper ...

...“Bespoke repression” that show that her husband was treating her in a good way (Chopin, 2010 pg 121). It is, therefore, surprising to see her rejoice when she receives the news that her husband passed on from the tragic accident.
From the analysis, it is clear that short stories can take on different messages. Although the two stories take on the wider issue of relationship, the messages portrayed are different. While ‘The Story of an Hour’ depicts the need for independence in marriage and the fact that at times even the marriages that are found in love can be oppressing, ‘Hills like White Elephants’ opt to look at problems that result in relationships owing to lack of communication. In addition, it is clear that while ‘The Story of an Hour’ uses characterization to bring out its message, ‘Hills like White Elephants’ use symbols and motifs to communicate its theme.

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