Analysis Of Harriet Jacobs 's ' I Do It With The Hope `` Essay

Analysis Of Harriet Jacobs 's ' I Do It With The Hope `` Essay

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As she spoke the words in her book: “I do it with the hope that every man who reads this narrative will swear solemnly before God that, so far as he has power to prevent it, no fugitive from Slavery shall ever be sent back to suffer in that loathsome den of corruption and cruelty.”(pg. 5) Saying back then it haves a very difficult and rough time from them to be living in along with the way that they were treated at this time. I believe that Harriet Jacobs wanted to be know as L. Maria Child, because her name probably had a lot of bad memories for her. Now that she has gotten out of slavery she wanted to make a new title for herself and by so a new name.
From the evidence provided in chapter II, the impact of the slavery system among the women, her “master” Dr. Flint and “mistress” Mrs. Flint had good range as to where she was to go and who to see. As she said within the book she wasn’t allowed to go see her father who had just passed away she was to get flowers for a party. Also, she wasn’t allowed to visit her grandmother for a quick bite as she did these errands for her master and mistress. Another example, the introduction of Mrs. Flint “totally deficient in energy...had no strength to superintend her household affairs; but her nerves were so strong, that she could sit in her easy chair and she a women whipped until the blood trickled from every stroke of the lash.”(pg.14) This is implying that she thought he could do no bad, but when one of her slaves did bad she would beat and abuse them until they were bloody. Also, on page 14 in the description of Mrs. Flint it says she is a “member of the church”, and that given Sunday she would wait until the food was dished then spit into the pots and pans so that none of the slaves cou...

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...ings,"(pg.121) To me this is just so stunning to me I can’t believe people really did used to believe black people had no mind, thoughts or even feelings.
In chapter twenty nine Harriet struggles with saying goodbye to Benny, she figures out that his mom was hiding in a storeroom. He heard a cough coming from the storefront and then realized she was staying there.
The conclusion, I have on racial categories from the story Ben’s attempting to let us see the struggles he went through. People had no problem with him until they had found out his mother was black and then he was assaulted physically and mentally. Because of this happening they had moved and they had arrived in New York, sortly away from Boston where he could take care of his children. The point he 's trying to come across I feel it is, you need to fight for family and that they fought for their rights.

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