Analysis Of Dreamworlds 3 And Further Off The Straight & Narrow Essay examples

Analysis Of Dreamworlds 3 And Further Off The Straight & Narrow Essay examples

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Dreamworlds 3 And Further Off The Straight & Narrow Reflection
Sex and Gender was the subject of the two movies Dreamworlds 3 and Further Off The Straight & Narrow. In Dreamworlds 3 Sex is portrayed as a status of life and happiness in the media. This media displays people as objects that can be manipulated for sexual pleasure. As the media is populated with sex it tiptoes around gender, specifically that of gays or lesbians. The film Further Off The Straight & Narrow emphasized the movement through media gay and lesbian topics. This text analyzes iconic television programs and how they reflect the societal stance during that time. As a member of a generation that has had the topic of these issues prominent I believe they are important but are banal. In this reflection I will be responding to two questions, what would woman driven Dreamworlds look like? And Do you agree with the statement that if you are not on television you don’t exist?

This questions refers directly to Dreamworlds 3 and what woman driven Dreamworlds would look like. To Commence, the ideals of women include marriage, families, careers and appearance. From an early age women begin to fantasize about the day they wed a soulmate. Family is high-ranking on a woman 's list of purpose. Most women have a natural motherly instinct that adds to this desire. Although having a family is significant so is holding a successful career, a lot of women even prefer this ideal first and foremost. Last but certainly not least, appearance is a central ideal to a women. Women spend a large amount of time maintaining a societally acceptable mien. With all these key aspects what would a women 's dreamworld really look like?

A woman 's dreamworld can vary for each and every indivi...

... middle of paper ...

...Immigrants, or any of the numerous others.

Ultimately the films Dreamworlds 3 and Further Off The Straight & Narrow were very different films. Each had its own opinion and outlook at today 's media and how its effecting the ones watching it. Yet both incorporated sex and gender with professionalism and careful consideration for the audience members who may identify with GLBT or fans of the artists and music videos mentioned. Would I have watched these films if they had not been assigned? Not at all. With that answer that is why I am in this class to push past comfort zones and learn about these topics so when I am out in the work force I can respect and understand people of all sorts. Ending this paper with a Forrest Gump quote “it 's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you 're going to get.” You truly do not, and I will not with my clients in the future.

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