Essay on Analysis Of Amethyst Rock ( 4 )

Essay on Analysis Of Amethyst Rock ( 4 )

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Amethyst Rock (4)

Your mother and I bought this on our trip around Lake Superior in 1978. Approaching Thunder Bay from the northeast, we saw a handwritten sign for an amethyst mine. Hoping to get a tour of a major amethyst mine, we followed the signs, miles and miles on gravel roads into the back woods. When we arrived, a man met us who looked like a prospector from a 1930s or 40s B-western. The “prospector,” an outcropping in the woods, and an outdoor rough sawn wooden table holding rocks were the entire mining operation. In spite of having no electricity on the site, the “prospector from a bygone era,” surprised your mother and me when he accepted our credit card.

Butterfly Throw and Accessories (4)

The butterfly throw and matching table runner came from the San Diego Zoo. Your mother bought these in 2002, while we vacationed with Mike and Carleen Ronchetti. Your mother bought the matching wall hanging at the Biltmore Estates in North Carolina while vacationing with Steve and Cheryl Clawson in 2003. All three are generally in use in our living room and dining room from Easter until Thanksgiving.

Delftware Vase (4)

I purchased this vase during my college trip to Europe in January 1971. It is genuine Delftware, which I purchased in green instead of their standard blue to match my mother’s living room. I believe I bought it in Amsterdam. When I returned home, I gave it to my mother, who displayed it in her living room. It currently sits on a shelf above the desk in our living room.

Eagle Print (4)

I really like this print, which hangs in our entryway. While working at the college in Bloomington, 1999 to 2001, I’d go over to the Mall of America during my lunch break, eat at the food court, and walk the loop for ...

... middle of paper ...

...n’t afford to do. I reluctantly, but graciously, accepted the cash and then bought them this gift with the money. Connie returned the beer Stein to me after her parents passed away. It is identical to the one I bought for my Dad and I can’t identify which is which.

Squirrel and Bunny Figurines (3)

On my trip to Europe in 1971, I wanted a memento for myself from Sweden. While experiencing difficulty communicating with the sales clerk and with little time to shop, I settled for the squirrel and bunny. I purchased them in Lund, after I established that they were a product of Sweden. You have to admit, they are cute.

Wooden Spoon and Fork (3)

We received the large wooden spoon and fork that hangs at the head of our dining room table as a house-warming gift from your maternal grandmother’s sister and brother-in-law, Dorothy and Floyd Wetterberg in 1975.

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