Analysis Of Amanda Porterfield 's ' Doubt That This Statement Is Pretentious And False. '

Analysis Of Amanda Porterfield 's ' Doubt That This Statement Is Pretentious And False. '

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One of the biggest misconceptions of today’s society is that politics is run by pure fact and argument, with no spiritual aspect. However, Amanda Porterfield verifies in her novel Conceived in Doubt that this statement is pretentious and false. Amanda Porterfield takes us back to the time of early government structure and development. This era in the United States is in a stage of constant change and reformation. The United States could even be argued as blind by their religious views, affecting their morals and well-being for the future of the nation. In her novel, Porterfield stresses that the government is in no way free of the church’s principles and deserts the attempt to break the bond.

As early as the period of George Washington, religion has acted as a secret weapon for the common politician. We see in George Washington’s inaugural address, “my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over” (page 23), using God as an ultimate “tool” in order to grasp the people’s emotions toward the event. To instill in everyone’s mind, Washington says this so that every time the colonials think of God or their religious ideals, they will remember him and his “devotion” to their religion. This method could be referred to as a “political football” if you will, and this method could be compared to that of Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow would kneel down and pray to his “lord and savior” before every game and after every touchdown. This gave Tebow the image of being very true to himself and very self-less. Fans from other teams began to follow his career and his team. This same method runs parallel to politics. People began to follow Obama, Washington, Jefferson, etc. Because the people feel an “obligation” to God, they feel that politics...

... middle of paper ... that other major religions - Presbyterian, Christians, etc. - were brainwashing followers. As mentioned before, Tim Tebow exemplifies the putting on of an act and perceiving himself as playing football for God. However, what if churches practically guaranteed them power and an input in politics? People were more likely to be faithful to their religion, but when it comes down to humans, they were probably just hungry for power.

When it comes down to the written laws, church and state are officially separate. Then again, if a government were to have a strong pulling factor for votes and support, why throw it out to the public? The issue is that religion can convince someone towards another’s personality and values in life. However, as long as there are politicians who are in need of support, you can bet that they will be “thanking God” at their inaugural address.

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