Essay about Analysis Of ' A More Perfect Union ' And ' I Have A Dream Speech

Essay about Analysis Of ' A More Perfect Union ' And ' I Have A Dream Speech

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Barack Obama delivered a speech on racial relations, and people believe that it was one of the greatest speeches ever given on race. The speech, “A More Perfect Union” was presented on March 18, at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Reaction was positive, illustration comparisons to Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream speech.” On the other hand, the podcast “The Problem We All Live With” and in David Margolick book Elizabeth and Hazel both show achievement gap existed in different times in our country. Obama wrote in his speech that “some bitterness and from Margolick anger surely remains among aggrieved communities”, yet he wants this country to be unified. The citizens of this country should bring all the races, gender or religions together, rather than focusing on small individual judgements, although racial discrimination and even segregation continue to exist today. Racism still exist in our environment, especially in U.S. educational system. But, the pre-established human condition that drives people to be superior individuals helps them overcome racism and allows them to fulfill their own destiny.
Elizabeth Eckford, a black student attending Little Rock High School after a Supreme Court ruling calling for desecration, did not respond to racist comments made by students. She chose not to listen to them and instead created her own destiny. In the 1896, Supreme Court decision of Plessy v. Ferguson 's, “separate but equal” racial separation appeared in the Constitution. In 1954, the Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education, overturned Plessy v. Ferguson and announced that racial segregation of public schools is unconstitutional. However, in the text, Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan, the Supreme Co...

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...the racial gap existing in the society.
Finally, President Barak Obama, an African American candidate, saturated the problem of the race in his campaign; he his black, and many questioned that his skin color would discourage the white peoples race populations from electing him. The message behind Obama’s speech is “Ideal for this Country.” He tried to respond any hesitance by pushing a message of unity that all religions and genders should come together. I really don’t understand why peoples talk about races, why can’t they work together. For example: we can’t hit women and that’s true, then why can’t we stop segregation, either way you are harassing a person by their races or identity. After the 1950s educational segregation Elizabeth and Hazel met up again for an apology of a past racial action. This represent the segregation between black and white is ending.

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