An Introduction To A Young Adult 's Psychopathology That I Know Extremely Well : Myself

An Introduction To A Young Adult 's Psychopathology That I Know Extremely Well : Myself

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An analysis on a young adult’s psychopathology that I know extremely well: myself. The patient is reporting and exhibiting the symptoms of both major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder from the patient’s point of view. An investigation on four different types of therapy that can treat MDD and GAD; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), existential therapy, art therapy, and group therapy.

There are many forms of treatment for mental disorders. Some may be pharmaceutical interventions while others can be therapy. Therapy can be used in many different ways and instances. For many years, psychologists from varying countries and decades have theorized and created different therapies to treat mental illnesses. For example Sigmund Freud, a previous neurologist, became the father psychoanalysis and later on Carl Rogers became known as the father of humanistic approach to psychology.

Some of the most known mental disorders are major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. These two disorders usually are comorbid within one patient. I, a 19-year-old female, have been diagnosed with both these two disorders, as have many other people. There are varying treatments for these two disorders. Pharmaceutical interventions can be taken, but usually a patient enters into some sort of therapy first. Some options may be cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), existential therapy, art therapy, and group therapy. These four different types of therapies have varying guidelines in treating a patient with a mental illness.

After my diagnosis at around age 13, my first type of treatment was regular talk therapy. This talk therapy was specifically known as cognitive behavioral therapy, known as CBT. As it is suggested in it’s ...

... middle of paper ...

... therapy that suicidal ideation was significantly reduced (Straub, J., Sprober, N., Plener, P. L., Fegert, J. M., Boneberger, M., & Kolech, M. G., 2014).

There are a vast amount of therapies that can help treat major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. As someone who had dealt with both disorders, I have been treated in many different ways by different therapists. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was used on me regularly and helped change the way I thought about my behavior and myself. Existential therapy helped me let go of my past and my anxieties that came with it. Art therapy helped me express myself through different mediums when I couldn’t verbally. Lastly, group therapy not only helped me cope with my depressive symptoms, but I also had received social “nourishment” and feedback to help with my everyday problems and emotional difficulties.

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