An Insect 's Wings By Geraldine Brooks Essay

An Insect 's Wings By Geraldine Brooks Essay

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Geraldine Brooks the author of People of the Book conveys the story of Sarajevo Haggadah. In the chapter “An Insect’s Wings,” Lola, a young Jewish girl, experiences running away from Nazis and coming back to Sarajevo. In this chapter, it also shares some details of how the famed Sarajevo Haggadah was saved from WWII. This chapter shares the journey of Lola and all the unpleasant events she went through.
Lola was separated from her family after a large group of Nazis arrived in Sarajevo. In the chapter “An Insect’s Wing,” it claims that, “On April 16, the Germans marched into Sarajevo and for the next two days, they rampaged through the Jewish quarter” (56). After a couple of weeks they started with the arrest of the Jews in Herzegovina, that day Lola was out and came back finding out her mother, Rashela, her aunt Rena, and sister, Dora, were gone. Lola was on the mission to find her mother, sister, and aunt without being caught by the German soldiers. Lola finds a building and enters it to find her mother, sister, and aunt in a crowd full of women, young and old people, and infants...

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