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An Ideal Empire By Nick Kuranda Essay

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An Ideal Empire
by Nick Kuranda
An ideal example of leader to lead and govern empire would be Ashoka as he was a great emperor during the Mauryan empire that ruled from 273-238 BCE. He conquered much of now known India, after a war invading the nation of Kalinga that waged heavy losses on both sides (about 100,000 people), he decided to convert to Buddhism. Prior to this, Ashoka was seen as a warlord, while now he seemed a peaceful ruler due to edicts he had written on stone pillars in central areas of the empire depicting religious toleration, an idea that was fairly new to the Mauryan society, nonviolence, giving his subjects fairness, and they were treated humanely "All men are my children. As for my own children I desire that they may be provided with all the welfare and happiness of this world and of the next, so do I desire for all men as well". These ideas and the empire fell apart after Ashoka died and the Mauryan empire went into a state of escalated conflict due to the next leader not being fit to lead. Ashoka made the empire great by presenting ideas that made the inner-empire at peace and if he continued ruling, he would have been greatly respected. What made Ashoka such an impressive leader was not just the fact that he expanded the empire greatly, but the fact that he planned and adapted to the people 's needs. He could have possibly sensed that the people were going to revolt because of the mass amount of life lost in Kalinga and used Buddhism to convert to a peaceful man, one that the people would not revolt against. This fact of adapting is what an ideal leader needs to have to successfully govern an empire because one can not always predict what the people will do.
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