Essay about An Evaluation Of An Individual 's Health

Essay about An Evaluation Of An Individual 's Health

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According to Caring Victoria (2016), ‘care’ is the process of assisting, encouraging, reasoning and reassuring a person in need, as well as monitoring an individual’s health, wellbeing, safety and support them to become more independent. Caring Victoria states that in Victoria alone, there are more than 700,000 Victorians providing unpaid work and support to family members or friends who require support due to illness, disability or frail age. Over 2.6 million Australians provide help and support to a family member or friend. Victoria carers are governed by the Victoria Carers Recognition Act 2012.
Carers may be professional, volunteers, relatives, friends, neighbors or someone from the community and may come from different walks of life, cultures and religions. Some carers may be 10 years old and others may be near 90 years of age. Their tasks range from feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, lifting, moving, administering medicine, banking, transporting, shopping, house working ,comforting, encouragement, reassurance, monitor the client’s safety and health and wellbeing. Different people may be involved in caring and may include; family, paid workers, relatives, counselors, caseworkers and nominated guardians.
Counseling may occur gradually and this is beneficial to someone whose health may be declining due to illness, old age or accidents. It is certain that carers feel that they have a choice to be carers. However, in large families, the responsibility of a carer may be given to only one or two members instead of being shared amongst the family members.
People involved in caring are rewarded with different benefits which encourages them to complete their work generously. They develop new skills such as communication skills whi...

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Carer Victoria has devised different strategies aimed at assisting carers to be in a good position to serve their clients. Caring families should not exercise caring responsibilities alone, they should seek support from different services available to help them with advisory services that can help them decide on the best way to diffuse the responsibility amongst family members. Such services and support may be accessed from Network of Carer Association, Regional Respite and Care Support, Australian Government, Carer Victoria and the Local Government just to name a few. Services may include counseling, advocacy, work and finances to ease the demands and pressures of being a carer.
Although caring is being a rewarding job, carers need more support so that their responsibilities do not become a burden to the community, their relatives, volunteers and families.

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