An Ethical Life Is A Fact About Human Life Essay

An Ethical Life Is A Fact About Human Life Essay

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Striving for happiness is a fact about human life. It is considered one of the main goals of our life. Happiness is achieved when one flourishes, lives, and does well. An ethical life is a happy life. To lead an ethical life is to consider the happiness of others and to value yourself. Everyone desires to be fulfilled, but there is no point of being happy if our actions or intentions are bad. In order to achieve the life of complete virtue, we need to make the right choices and decisions.
In an ethical life, it is vital that one considers the happiness of everyone to achieve their contentment. Our happiness is not only based on our own work, but relates to the happiness of others. For instance, volunteering is found to be positively correlated with happiness; people who volunteer appear to be happier than those who do not volunteer. In other words, we will lose the essence of happiness, without the happiness of others.
The best way to be ethical is to value or take care of yourself. One will only be able to help or consider the happiness of others by taking care of themselves first. The ethical practice is to act in good faith by bringing yourself to your enlightened state of mind. By meeting the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional, one will be enable to be more attentive and caring to others.
John Stuart Mill is a philosopher who mentions that one can pursuit happiness by doing the right thing. His belief is that, “Actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness”( Utilitarianism 2) . By making ethical decisions, one will not only bring happiness to themselves, but others as well. On the other hand, an unethical decision will lead to unhappiness...

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...the welfare of the people. In other words, right actions help people and wrong actions harm people. Some of the examples of an unethical decision is the historical event of the Holocaust or slavery. These events have clearly made a lot of people suffer and increased unhappiness around the world. Morally wrong decisions can affect anyone and bring negative consequences.
To conclude, ethical life is a happy life. To lead an ethical life is to consider the happiness of everyone to achieve their contentment by value yourself first. By making right choices or decision, we can achieve the life of complete virtue. It is important to evaluate how ethical or unethical decisions can impact one’s or someone else 's life in the future. Although there are certain situations where one will be face to make unethical decision, happiness can only be attained by leading a good life.

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