An Application Performance Monitoring Intern At Bcbs Essay

An Application Performance Monitoring Intern At Bcbs Essay

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a. Tell me about yourself?
I’m always passionate about business IT and leading edge technology in both enterprise and consumer standpoint so that I decided to major in MIS and computer science. For my internship, I have been an application performance monitoring intern at BCBS, where my responsibilities were handling different sources of data, consolidating the information, analyzing and developing business reports for upper manager. The reason I particularly enjoyed this opportunity is the chance to interact with high volume of data, imply security standards on them and work in an actual team in a real setting. Through the internship, my real strength is exploited, which is analytical and attention to details and I pride these strengths for helping the managers reduce the IT incidents and increase the performance for IT department. What I am looking for now is a company that values customer experience and fits my skills, where I can apply my strengths, join a strong team and have a positive impact on analyzing information and developing tools.
b. What are your career goals 3-5 years from now?
In the near term, I am seeking to complete my degree coursework and the related work requirements, which would be in alignment with this role. I want to prepare myself to take on expanded roles and more responsibilities in the future. I want to learn and sharpen my technical skills in data analysis and developing as well as enhance my field of experts from enterprise technology to other business functions (such as operation, marketing). So that I can best serve the needs of the department and the company. In the longer-term, I would like to become a subject matter expert in an area of greatest need within my role. I would like to develop mys...

... middle of paper ... proud of the results based on the satisfaction of the customers and how effective the tool would contribute to that IT team operation.
e. What would your boss say about you - both positive and negative?
Through my internship, I believed that I have greatly contributed to our team. My boss took a sincere interest in my professional development and took performance evaluations very seriously. She highlighted that I was self-motivated with a strong desire to take on new work and meet deadlines. Then, she outlined my analytical skills and abilities to break down the data and made data more useful for decision making. And third, she praises my strong collaboration, technical and team skills. One recommendation she suggested me to improve was spending more focus on the scope of each project and reduce the amount of extra work that do not contribute to the final outcome.

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