An Analysis Of Katherine 's Ideal Self Essay

An Analysis Of Katherine 's Ideal Self Essay

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Katherine’s ideal self was a woman who had a successful career and a family life; she wanted to have a husband, children, and a career. These attributes were different from her real self-concept. Her real self was without a husband, children, or a career. As a result of this incongruence between her real self and ideal self, Katherine lacked positive self-regard. She was bounded by the commands of her husband, who disapproved of and ridiculed her dreams to own a business. Her husband was insistent that she had to take care of him, which made her feel incompetent and made her dependent, and later divorced her. The seriousness of her neurosis is observed when she intentionally missed her 10th high school reunion due to the fear of being judged of her lack of success and accomplishments by her classmates. Due to the lack of positive self-regard, she was afraid that others would either make fun of or pity her. The incongruence between her perceived self and ideal self affected her condition of worth, she thought that if she was successful, she would have been accepted by others.
2. Teenage Katherine had dreams and ambitions for her future. This ambitions were the results of a childhood with unconditional positive regard. She was probably brought up with positive regard, which eventually led to a positive self-regard. This, however, was different from the belief before she married her husband. Using Roger’s theory and the case study, it is observed that the incongruence of Katherine’s selves was caused by the years of her marriage. She was forbid to earn her own money and to further her education, Katherine lost her tangible desires of being married with a family and a career. In addition to the demanding marriage, her husban...

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...pist would do. As a result of this reiteration in a slightly different way, Allen would gain insights to his situation. The coworker’s technique is similar to Roger’s technique and belief that the client is responsible for himself. Similar to the Rogerian therapist, the coworker portrays an unconditional acceptance, and no judgment about his current behavior or advice on how to behave is provided because he could tell the coworker anything.
5. Allen would have to persuade his wife and parents to allow him to go to college, to earn his teaching degree so that he can become a teacher. To become actualize, Allen has to be free from his condition of worth, and must feel worthy under all conditions and situations. He would have to have a degree of compatibility between his self-concept. This can only be achieved when Allen’s ideal self and perceived self is congruent.

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