An Alien's Experience in New York City in December Essay

An Alien's Experience in New York City in December Essay

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In the month of December, New York City is such a crazy place! I walked down the street and was awestruck when I saw the most realized natural vision in the middle of New York City. It was a large hardwood plantation covered in these reflective beacons that hovered over an elliptical gathering spot. Here people were taking pictures and gliding across a frozen bond while wearing covers for their feet with small blades attached at the bottom for a more controllable slide. There seemed to be humans, both big and small, all with smiles, observing and enjoying each other's presence. Every time I tried to confront somebody there was always something else preoccupying their time. This seemed like everybody's favorite recreational distraction. It all took place at a gathering called the Rockefeller Center. Happiness was practically in the air that the humans breathe. They had a tunnel vision for their friends and family and that seems like it was all that was necessary. It was hectic, yet in a very weird way peaceful, but surely not based upon the commotion. No, it was based upon everybody’s worries disappearing with the feeling of flight as they glide across this frozen liquid surface and feel the cold wind blow in their faces. It’s a good thing everyone was bundled up wearing multiple layers one after another.
I thought I was lost at first glance of this city until I found myself in front of this grand establishment that could possibly hold the entire city's population. In big florescent beacons, it called itself "Wal-Mart". There was quite the commotion especially around electronics and monitors that looked very familiar to me, but I wondered what need the humans had for it. Are they monitoring other planets too? And who was Nintend...

... middle of paper ... thought, but all the more enticing.
From this one night, I felt as if I was here for more than just recon. I felt like I was here to grow a heart; to experience the happiness and Christmas cheer. Being surrounded by all of these people and hearing everything about this tradition, I see now that to be the most technologically advanced is not exactly a focus down here. On this planet, there is a non-physical figment of the mind that powers these people’s smiles and keeps them running all season. It truly is no wonder that they call it a “Merry Christmas.” There has been no other planet that has made me feel smaller and more insignificant and more alive at the same time. Though it is definitely very cold outside, I can’t help but feel warm. Though my motives feel empty, I cannot help but feel whole. And though I am but a lone stranger, I cannot help but smile.

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