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The American Presidency is one of great prestige and power, an office held by only forty-four men since its inception nearly two hundred years ago. Our founding fathers wrote a Constitution with expressed powers for the Executive branch, for their time period. With the world changing vastly, since the birth of the Constitution: It is safe to ask, are the powers granted to the President to much, in this day and age. The focus of this discussion will be in regard to the President being the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
Most recently President Barack Obama participated in the swap of five well known and powerful terrorists, in return for an accused deserter of the United States Army by the name Bowe Bergdahl. The Joint Chief of Staffs all advised against such a trade, as the men being traded are killers and will be committing terror acts within weeks of their release. Still the President made the decision to swap five connected terrorists, for one accused deserter. Not only was the prisoner swap outside the limits of the Presidency, since congress was not notified, but these terrorists would have the capabilities of killing more American troops.
The Proposal to amend Article II section II should be made on the grounds that the President of the United States should not hold the office of the Commander of Chief of the Armed forces, if he/she has not served in the armed forces themselves. The reason for this proposal is simple; without knowledge of the military you are guiding others, while you yourself are blind. The President, I believe, should concern himself/herself with matters that he/she is qualified to represent.
I recommend that the new Commander in chief of the armed forces be outlined in Article II section V of t...

... middle of paper ...

...y of the military as well, knowing that the Commander in chief will lead with keenness and insight-fulness. Also, with an experienced military person is in controlled of the Armed forces, there will never be the worry of our troops safety, because they themselves were once that solider and would never put their own in harm’s way.
The office of the President of the United States is one of great power, and with power comes responsibility. The responsibility of the Commander in chief of the Armed Forces however is one too big for any inexperienced military man to handle. The fate of our men and women should never be made by a person that is leading blind. For the sake of our military, we must put our military in the hands of a competent Commander-in-Chief, who understands what it is like to be on the front line. We must ultimately protect those; who fight to protect us.

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