The American Medical Student Association

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The American Medical Student Association It is your junior year of college. You are in a practice interview to prepare you for your MCAT and clinicals- your palms are sweaty, your foot is involuntarily tapping 90-to-nothing, and your mouth feels like you have swallowed a tablespoon of alum. The board calls your name and you walk in. Minutes pass where you daze off but, suddenly regain awareness. They ask you what volunteer service or internships have you participated in. panic runs through your mind because you have not done anything. High school community service is invalid here and now you are on the edge of should I lie or run away. Why did I not participate in any medical related service or projects? Are there any clubs on campus that even work in that field? If this is you, was you, or you never want this to happen, look no further. I have the organization just for you. The University of South Alabama chapter of the American Medical Student Association is open to premedical students, medical students and practicing professionals that is committed to improving medical training, which in turn improve this nation’s health. The USA chapter of AMSA has an amazing and dedicated officer board that leads the chapter in the path of success. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Susan LeDoux, who is also the faculty sponsor for the USA chapters of AMA, AMWA, AMSA, and AAMC-OSR. The president is Benjamin Bush, a medical student here at the University Of South Alabama College Of Medicine, who leads beside Johnathan Jones, the president elect, Dillon Casey, the vice-president, and Will Lightfoot, the vice-president elect. Dr. LeDoux says she choose to sponsor this organization “because of the widespread connection and investment for pre-med and ... ... middle of paper ... ...s and physicians that desire to be a change in the world. With an active partaking, AMSA can fully prepare you for enrollment into medical school and practice as a professional physician. Now let’s rewind and go back to your Medical school interview. The section of organization involvement comes up. You smile because you can pass the portion with flying colors due to your active participation in AMSA. During your membership with this club, you have gained networking experience, gained many opportunities that has prepared you for medical school, and participated in hands-on forums and national events that qualify you in the pursuit of further your medical training. With AMSA, you have knowledge on proper and quality healthcare, professional integrity, and how to improve medical treatment for the entire world. Now you know that heroes don’t wear capes, they wear coats.
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