The American Dream And Paths Of Happiness Essay

The American Dream And Paths Of Happiness Essay

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“The American Dream and Paths to Happiness”
In America there is countless of different definitions of what the American Dream is, but according Xavier University “many Americans most commonly define the American Dream in terms of opportunity, freedom, and family” (Good). A great definition of what the American Dream is” no matter what your race you are, what country you come from, and what financial background you have you can be anything you want to be” said Sidd Singhal an investment banker (National: Defining the American Dream). While on their journey many Americans realize that the American Dream bring a different paths of happiness which includes alcohol, sex, and drugs. In both movies “Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Great Gatsby” are great representation of what the American Dream is and the paths of happiness that comes along with it. Both movies were released in the same year, have the same theme and one the main characters Jordan Belfort and Jay Gatsby are both played by Leonardo DiCaprio My focus in this essay is to compare both Wolf of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby to show the connection between the American Dream and the paths to happiness.
In the beginning of both movies one of the main character are introduce to drugs and alcohol in the start of their careers on Wall Street. In Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort is introduce to cocaine on his first day on the job. He is told that drugs, alcohol, and sex is needed to function on Wall Street. On the job they will get bored, stress out and eventually fall off their game, cocaine was one of the best solution for them to stay focus. Throughout the movie many other drugs are introduced to Belfort and then he started using them on an everyday basis.
According to Jul...

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...y also tend to have higher experiences of pleasure, meaning, engagement and happiness in their daily lives. This means that being able to seek happiness in different ways may enrich your everyday experience and increase your overall well-being” (Smith).
In conclusion, they are many different interpretations of what the American Dream, but we do know that it involves an opportunity for anyone to be able to achieve they want in this life. However, in the process of achieving the American Dream, its comes with different paths of happiness with involve alcohol, sex, and drugs. In both movies “Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Great Gatsby” are an illustration of what the American Dream and how these paths of happiness are connected to each other. Alcohol, sex, and drugs are the shortcuts to become happier, which everyone uses in the process to reach the American Dream,

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