America Needs a Aational Speed Limit Essay

America Needs a Aational Speed Limit Essay

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With the introduction of the automobile in the early 1900s, laws have been
instituted to protect drivers on the road. With these laws come lawbreakers who put their
agenda in front of the well being of others. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost,
billions of dollars have been spent, and pollution has grown exponentially because of
drivers travelling at high speeds on roads (Hartman). To conserve fuel and save lives, the
fifty-five (55) miles per hour national speed limit should be restored.
Driving at 55 miles per hour or less conserves fuel. Billions of barrels of
oil and gas are used up each year so that Americans can drive at high speeds across the
country. Unfortunately, with high speeds comes high expenditures of fuel. Someone
driving at 70 miles per hour uses much more gas than that of someone driving at 55.
For example, a businessman who must travel all over the United States is
forced to fill up his gas tank often. However, if this same man goes at a safe speed of 55,
then he will not need to fill up nearly as much. This is because when the speed limit is
reduced, all drivers see his or her fuel economy go up. When drivers fill up less, then it
also puts more money into their pockets.
Recently, a test was conducted to see if driving fifty-five in a normal car
would prove to be the most fuel-efficient speed. A 2009 Honda Civic was filled up with
12.99 gallons of gas and then a driver was able to drive a total of 590.5 miles before
having to stop to fill up again. While the car averaged 45 miles per gallon on 550
highway miles, the Civic received the advertised 25 miles per gallon when driving in
town. To go almost 600 miles in a Honda Civic is unheard of, but this was possible
because the driver c...

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...rom a
national speed limit of 55 miles per hour.

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