Essay about Amazing Feats of Winston Churchill

Essay about Amazing Feats of Winston Churchill

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“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” (Churchill). These are beautiful words from the famous, poet/role model Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill has saved Britain, and perhaps the world, with his strategies and literature.
Winston Churchill, with his brilliance succeeded in becoming knighted in Britain, all the way to Prime Minister, and author. “In 1953 Churchill was knighted, and awarded the 1953 Nobel Prize in literature for his writing and oratory” (Sir Winston Leonard). “When the ministry was reconstructed under Prime Minister Herbert H. Asquith in 1908, Churchill was promoted to president of the Board of Trade, with a seat in the Cabinet” (Churchill, Sir Winston). “His campaigning in the two general elections of 1910 and in the House of Commons during the passage of Parliament Act of 1911, which curbed the House of Lords’ powers, won him wide popular acclaim”(Churchill, Sir Winston). This is important for his influence in Britain and the world. He was good at his job and chis choices helped shape the world.
Winston Churchill helped save the world from the Nazi’s while writing magnificent literature. “He also issued warnings of the threat from Nazi Germany that went unheeded, in part because of his past political and military misjudgments. When World War 2 broke out (Sept., 1939), Neville Chamberlain appointed him first lord of the admiralty. The following May, When Chamberlain was forced to resign, Churchill became Prime Minister” (Sir Winston Leonard). Winston Churchill knew that the Nazi’s were a threat, but foolishly, nobody cared what he had to say. What he did was right, and he had great reason to do it.
All of Winston Churchill’s choices came with a great ...

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...ound himself, as he said, all at once without an office, without a seat, without a party, and even without an appendix”(Churchill, Sir Winston). His power allowed him to make intelligent choices, while his strategy allowed him to implement his power most efficiently. These are a few of the amazing things he did.
Britain, and the world, these are some things that Winston saved with his actions. So if you have enemies, it means that sometime in your life you did something right.

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