Alternative Routes For Administering Nutrients And Medication From The Body

Alternative Routes For Administering Nutrients And Medication From The Body

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In some instances, there is a need for alternative routes to administer nutrients and medication to the body. When a patient is not able to consume nutrients orally, other means are considered. Those may include enteral or parenteral nutrition.
Enteral Nutrition:
Nutrition is normally delivered through the enteral method, also known as tube feeding, when a patient is able to digest nutrients in their gastrointestinal tract but may have an issue swallowing, chewing, or ingesting food. The tube is placed in the stomach or intestines for delivery of nutrients. Complications, such as pulmonary aspiration or clogged tubing, may occur. Pulmonary aspiration can be prevented by making sure the head of the bed is positioned at an angle of at least 30° and an assessment of the gastric fluids should be done intermittently by the nursing staff. When the tubing clogs, there is a high probability that the patient does not receive the nutrients that he/she needs and bacteria begin to grow within the tube. The nurse may attempt to avoid the clogs by routinely flushing warm water through the tubing and using extreme care when running medications through the feeding tube (Perry & Potter, 2014).
Parental Nutrition:
The parental nutrition method is preferred when patients have issues with digesting food in their gastrointestinal tract. It is normally used until nutrition can be consumed orally or through tube feeding. Parental nutrition is administered intravenously through an infusion pump. The site of delivery is the subclavian vein. When parental routes are used long-term, nutritional goals are met while simultaneously avoiding toxicity and reducing any problems. A couple of complications that may develop during this p...

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...cular formula is high in protein and low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Like Glucerna, Nepro conatains the CarbSteady® blend. Clinical studies have shown that patients who takes in Nepro had increased serum preculbium and cubumin levels and an improved nutritional status. Patients on dialysis lose a lot of protein during the process, so this formula helps to replace the protein to meet nutritional needs. It includes a good source of fiber as well (Abbot Nutrition, 2015).
Enteral and parenteral methods of feeding are widely used for patients who have trouble eating orally or have issues with their gastrointestinal tract. Various supplements have been made to accommodate patients with certain health conditions such as malnutrition, diabetes or constipation. There is no cause for patients, no matter their ailment, to be without proper nutrition.

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