Essay on All Night Long, Directed By Basil Derdan

Essay on All Night Long, Directed By Basil Derdan

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The Shakespearian tragedy usually includes manipulation, betrayal and over all jealously. In “All Night Long” directed by Basil Derdan, all of those aspects can be seen within the film. Though they are included, the way the film follows the tragic structure can be both conventional and unconventional, seeing as we do get most of the aspects of a tragic structure throughout, but not a drastic downfall. All Night Long and Othello share many differences in time, place, and action, but similarities in the story line. The translation of the film changes a drastic amount that it is not seen as a tragedy.

All Night Long may not end off on a tragedy, but aspects of a tragic structure are still used throughout the film. When Johnny Cousin, which is portraying Iago, believes that his key to success is starting his own band, where he will be headliner. The only thing in the way of his dream is that he cannot get Delia, a famous vocalist, to join in on his project. Without her he will not get get the financial support he needs to become a frontman. He doesn’t see this as an obstacle he can’t over come, so he begins plotting his scheme to get what he wants. This includes getting Cass, the band manager and an old friend to Rex and Delia, high while feeding him lies, stealing Delia’s cigarette case that Rex has given to her, and getting Rex to believe Delia is having an affair with Cass. Many events occur throughout the whole night that lead to Rex actually hearing a taping of Johnny talking to Cass and Delia professing her love for Cass, but Johnny has altered the tape. All those events show us the exposition, rising action and climax of a tragic structure. Although those aspects of a tragic structure are conventional, what makes it unconv...

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...done, he proceeds to kill himself. This is a tragic ending. We do not get this in All Night Long. In this film nobody dies in the end. A big fight breaks out when Rex attacks Delia and pushes Cass over the balcony, but that’s the farthest it goes. Emily proceeds to reveal Johnny’s true colours in front of everyone. Delia and Rex are seen walking back home together making the audience believe their relationship has not been damaged by these events. The last scene shows Johnny banging the drums as it leads to its partly bitter, partly redemptive conclusion. This changes the way the film is viewed as tragedy because nothing bad happens in the end. Everyone goes on with their lives. It leaves you with a content feeling, where as Othello leaves you feeling sad and empty that all three lives were lost. The film translation changes so much that it is no longer a tragedy.

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