Alienation in Arun Joshi´s The Foreigner Essay

Alienation in Arun Joshi´s The Foreigner Essay

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Arun Joshi stands out as a highly significant novelist on the contemporary scene of the Indian English novel. He is diametrically different from his Indian or Western counterpart. He is a remarkable and thought provoking novelist with an uncompromising propensity towards the moral and traditional values of India. The novelist was a globe trotter. Due to various factors he could not shake all his oriental roots or the accidental influences. In various fictions these predicaments have been reflected which can be summarized as influences of the East and West.
Alienation is one of the recurring theme delineating different aspects in Joshi’s novel “The Foreigner”. R.S Pathak has expressed this in the following lines
“Alienation is one of the greatest problems confronting modern man. Its corrosive impact can be seen in the form of generation gap, the anti war movement, the hippie phenomenon, the credibility gap………and so on. “ (1)
‘ “The Foreigner” is the study of Sindi Oberoi’s character which is not a study of individual but it is a representation of the suffering of whole modern mankind. It reveals the self and social isolation of the modern man in order to find peace. He moves from person to person, place to place and country to country, hoping to get solution of his problems. He is neither in a position to cultivate and imitate the value existing in America nor became a part of it thus he suffers mental and physical agony feeling himself uprooted catching the principles of religion half-heartedly and carrying the vanity of his thinking. Up to the end of his life he takes refuge from his pain, suffering and malaise in various philosophies and ultimately expects the philosophy of ...

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