Essay on Alice, God, And A Cat

Essay on Alice, God, And A Cat

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Alice, God, and a Cat: Religion in Alice in Wonderland
There are some critics that argue that Lewis Carroll wasn’t highly religious if religious at all. A popular topic relating to Lewis Carroll’s religious practices is whether or not he expressed any of his beliefs in his widely known story Alice in Wonderland. Hidden deep in the contexts of Alice in Wonderland, it’s clear that Alice in Wonderland is an allegory to the Christian Bible and contains multiple references to some biblical themes, characters, or events. Whether intentional or not, Lewis Carroll wrote characters, paragraph, and even chapters that mirror some of the most well-known scenes in the Bible.
One of the main arguments against Lewis Carroll putting religion into his books is that many people claim that Lewis Carroll was hardly religious himself. While he did say “I doubt if I am fully a “High Churchman” now,” (Lewis Carroll 340,) he still says that he attends the English Church and that he was a Deacon, or someone who in the English Church, was below the priest. According to, “It was not unusual for him to read bible lessons to his child friends as part of the informal betterment he offered them,” meaning that Lewis Carroll could have written Alice in Wonderland for Alice Liddell and supported his story with a biblical foundation.
From the very beginning in chapters one and two, Lewis Carroll hints at some of the most well-known scenes in the Bible. In chapter one after Alice finished falling down the rabbit hole, she comes across a door that she finds out leads to a garden. The first chapter of the Bible relates to this because in Genesis, god creates a spectacular garden for Adam and Eve. God’s explained to Adam and Eve that they could live i...

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...ite Queen arguing over her. Alice was placed in a situation that she couldn’t handle, things became chaotic, and she wakes up. Lewis Carroll has this reoccurring theme about a nightmare going throughout lots of his books, and Alice in Wonderland is no exception. Alice get place in a situation where she can’t handle the pressure of religion being place on her, she loses control, and she wakes up.
From all around her, Alice is unable to escape the pressures of religion, but does she really want to? Lewis Carroll never made it completely clear in regards to whether or not she was trying to accept the beliefs of the people of Wonderland, or if she was trying to escape them. On one side Alice attempts to correct everything she does that gets here rejected from the animals, but on the other side, she gets overwhelmed by it all and wasn’t able to keep her frustration down.

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