The Age Of Satire And The Lady 's Dressing Room By Jonathan Swift Essay

The Age Of Satire And The Lady 's Dressing Room By Jonathan Swift Essay

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Misogynist World

The age of satire, a time when ridicule through prose and verse was the epitome of writing. The standard paradigms were portrayed in satires as either degrading or embellishing societal norms, groups or individuals. I will focus on two authors that played an important role during the age of satire: Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope. Both men were literary geniuses and developed their own style but had slightly different satirical tone. “Rape of the Lock” by Alexander Pope and “The Lady’s dressing room” by Jonathan Swift both entail satire upon the same subject, women. Both Pope and Swift were misogynists that used satire to ridicule the daily life of women and their position in society.
Before continuing, I must inform you that while both of these men may be considered misogynists, Swift is more extreme than his counterpart Pope. In “The Lady’s Dressing Room” Swift, a master of verse, paints grotesque imagery of seamlessly everyday activities of a woman getting ready to start the day. The poems first stanza implies that all women need no less than five hours to loo...

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