Essay on Advantages to Having a Second Life

Essay on Advantages to Having a Second Life

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The majority of the adult American population age 18+ is unfamiliar with the ever-growing virtual community known as Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab, which offers its residents a place to connect, a place to shop, a place to work, and a place to love. There are many advantages for people to create a Second Life for themselves. Second Life’s residents are given the ability to explore any region they choose and allows one the ability to be themselves, or even someone different. For many, it is a freeing experience from the daily routine of “real life”. Second Life’s virtual experience also has sound; audible conversation, babbling brooks, wind in the swaying trees, and built-in chat and instant messaging. Residents purchase property, game with other residents, create objects, join clubs, attend classes, start businesses, or just hang out. The presentation of Second Life is extraordinary, making it a significant, almost guilty, indulgence. Before embarking on a journey in Second Life, one must first create an avatar. New Second Life users choose from standard male and female avatars. Residents and their avatars do not always choose the gender they are in real life. Once the gender choice is completed, residents go on to tailor their avatar’s look in a way they believe mainly suits their style, or the Second Life “lifestyle” they selected. For instance, a trained user may possibly craft a cat that follows him all over the place. Residents build items for diverse reasons. Several do this in order to strengthen the theme of a certain region or specific avatar; some construct items simply for amusement. Even though Second Life extends a convincing adventure for residents from different...

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.... Also, whether going to parties with friends or playing games alone, the purpose is essentially the same; to have a good time. The advantages of living a Second Life are many. People bring themselves into this virtual world for the freedom to do anything they choose; Second Life presents its residents with many capabilities to be and do anything their imagination will permit them to. There is the originality of creating and building, as well as the ability to perform and simply have fun, yet there are also many relationships and friendships formed in this online world. These are communal attachments that extend outside of Second Life and into the real world, that influence the user's frame of mind long after they have turned off their computer and that they appreciate and hold in high regard as much - if not more - than their relationships in the real world.

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