Adolescent And Infant Poverty : Child Development, School Life, And Home Life

Adolescent And Infant Poverty : Child Development, School Life, And Home Life

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Adolescent and Infant Poverty

Imagine living in a community where every minute of every day where somebody is hungry, under clothed, and at risk of death because that person is poor. Now imagine waking up and the biggest problem of the day is which sweater to wear with which jeans. Wealthy people around the world are not aware of how immense an issue poverty is and are sometimes hesitant to believe the scale that poverty has risen to. Without the upper classes understanding poverty families who are disadvantaged cannot be adequately helped. Poverty occurs in all countries. Child poverty affects child development, school life, and home life.

In today’s society infants and adolescents are more likely to be raised in poverty. Yasemin Ozkan observed that one billion out of two billion infants and adolescents live in poverty in the world today. Ozkan stated that one out of three adolescents lack adequate shelter, one out of five infants have no access to safe water, and one in seven lack health services (Ozkan). Yasemin Ozkan observed that infant mortality rates are strikingly high to the extent that the number of infants who die before five is equal to the number of infants who survive. Not only do infants and adolescents have a high death rate, most of them do not come from proper housing (Okzan). The General Household Survey went to two thousand households in the United States and observed the people living in the house, what kind of house the people had, and the income of the parents (Whitworth and Wilkinson). In 2010, the General Household Survey estimated that sixty-three percent of African Americans live in ultra-poor households while only four percent of white adolescents live in ultra-poor households in the United States ...

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... the decency to stop smoking, drinking, or doing drugs while pregnant, the infant should to be taken away.

Every day humans are developing no matter what age, but how humans develop and are raised will tell a tremendous amount about an individual. How an adolescent develops is important at a young age because development affects the brain, nutrition, and growth of the infant. The characteristics of an infant will depend on: how the infant was brought up, who the infant was brought up by, what kind of condition the infant was brought up in, what kind of parents the infant was brought up by, and if the infant was brought up in poverty. Poverty not only puts a strain on language development for the infant but many other cognitive and academic problems as well. Poverty should be taken seriously and be recognized so the infants’ and adolescents’ suffering can be helped.

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