The Act Of Compassion From Humans Essay

The Act Of Compassion From Humans Essay

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Humans are indeed hostile and aggressive rather than being compassionate by nature. This is because the act of compassion from humans is relatively their first instinct. Compassion is a feeling of deep affinity and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune. Empathy is at times confused with compassion. This is because empathy is the instinctive and sentimental experience of another person’s feelings.
There are three elements of compassion. They are self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness. Self-kindness is often referred to as a way of self-compassion. Common humanity reflects on embracing self-compassion. To be mindfulness means to observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without giving a negative or positive judgement.
The act of aggression stems from the feeling of anger and is intended to cause pain or injury. Aggression is in fact an intentional act that is addressed to doing any type of harm including physical or psychological agony. This behavior isn’t however self-assured. It can be either verbal or physical.
There are four different types of human aggressive behavior. They include physical violence, verbal hostility, nonverbal intimidation, and passive aggressive. Physical violence is the act of violence that partakes with the motive to harm someone. This usually wounds up in the result of a weapon being put to use, death and even someone’s hands. Verbal hostility is the behavior of bullying, put-downs, and/or sending threats. Nonverbal intimidation is when a person is threatened through violence. Lastly, passive aggression is the unintended way of articulate dissatisfaction.
Many people believe humans are also hostile and aggressive, but what they don’t know is that it is possible to be aggr...

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... having the freedom of choosing what you want. Determinism within compatibilism is true. Whereas, determinism within incompatibilism is false. Galen states “You do what you want because of the way you are. To be responsible for what you do, you must be responsible for the way you are.” In addition to this he says “You cannot be responsible for the way you are because you cannot be the cause of yourself. Therefore, you are not responsible for what you do.”
Galen Strawson makes a comparison between Hitler and an earthquake. He starts off saying “We don’t call natural disasters’ evil. But family members want to see murderers of their relatives executed. For some it is impossible, given their temperaments.”
In conclusion, frustration is one of the many factors that causes humans to act aggressively. Feelings of empathy are automated responses that cannot be suppressed.

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