Abortion Is A Big Part Of The American Government Essay example

Abortion Is A Big Part Of The American Government Essay example

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Abortion is a big part of the American government because being a citizen in a democracy leads one to believe that their opinion matters. Abortion is one of the most and has for the most part always been a controversial topic. In a democratic society, people are allowed to share their opinion and vote on what they want. As a citizen of America, we should also know the fact and history behind our views and opinion on topics such as abortion. Living in a democracy, everyone will have different opinions, but when an opinion has a law passed in favor of them, “folks wanna pop off” as Obama would say. In reality, not everyone will get their way in a democracy government. It is up to the courts to decide whether things are constitutional and create solutions that can at least somewhat satisfy everyone.
It wasn’t until the 1820’s that laws in the United States for abortion began to arise. These laws banned abortion after the fourth month of pregnancy. According to Jone Johnson Lewis, a Women’s History Expert, most abortions in the U.S were outlawed by 1900 because of the efforts from physicians, American Medical Association, and legislators. Over 60 years later, all states had banned abortion. Some states had exceptions for abortions such as: to save the life of the mother, cases of rape, or if the baby was deformed. Later in 1973, most abortion laws were declared unconstitutional in the Roe v. Wade case. This decision put limits on the restrictions that could be passed on abortions in the later stages of pregnancy, and ruled out any legislative intervention in the first trimester of pregnancy. Later on, many oppositions to abortions were turning physical and violent. In 1984 on Christmas Day, three abortion clinics were bombed and were...

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...ratic society it is our duty to vote for the politician who represents our views and opinions best. For example, OnTheIssues summarizes almost all the running politicians’ views on abortions, and I would vote for Hilary Clinton because she is looking for alternatives rather than banning abortion and making it completely legal. Hilary Clinton is looking to provide more foster cares rather than making abortion completely illegal. We can compare Hilary Clinton to President Bachelet of Chile when it comes to compromising. I feel that the solution to this problem will be neither to completely ban abortion, nor make it completely legal. There has to be restrictions or alternatives put on this controversy topic so everyone can come together and make an agreement. Our job as citizens shouldn’t be to win what we want, but to make an agreement with the opposing side as well.

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