Abortion and the California Constitution Essay

Abortion and the California Constitution Essay

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Through out the history of the constitution of california there has been a number of attempts to change how abortion in teens is handled. Proposition 4 intends to give the parents the right to know when their unmancipated teens want to get an abortion. some supporters of this proposition argue that it will save lives and money for the state. People against it say is more dangerous to teens because they could be driven to use not regulated clinics and or to run away from home. In this research paper we will go through both points of view, and also the implications of continuing with the current constitution or changing it as the proposition 4 dictates.
this type of proposition is not new to the voters of california. In the past several attempts to pass an ammenent of this type have failed, and yet the supporters of this change are resiliant to accept the current system and they continue to present the voters with various versions of the same proposed change.
In 1953 the civil code section 34.5 in californian constitution was placed in function to allow juveniles to give permission to clinics or health care providers to conduct abortions procedures without the consent of their parent or guardians. This new statute in the constitution of california would create an oncoming parade of allegations from opposers that it was too much freedom for teenagers. Many argued that if they can make this kind of decicions on their own might, then teens should be treated as adults and lower the age in which a person becomes an adult in california. The first attempt to change the constitution was with the introduction of AB 2274 (Frazee) Chapter 1237, Statutes of 1987. This statute required a written permission from the parents to terminate preg...

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...an feel safe and escape from the cycle they are in wich could vary in helping them to cope with an abusive household and to inform them of what they can do to stop the abuse, or if they are in a wrongfull relationship with an adult. Also to teach them why teen/adult sex is not permited and to make them understad that if they dont want to tell who is the father is ok, but it would be best idea to tell if they are, and that nothing would happen to them if they tell. Some of the comparisons the supporters use to prove that this proposition would work in california had an origin in states with different demographics as in california where most of the teens where white or or from families that are economically stable. Unfortunately this is not true to the state of california in which most of the teens using this services are from minorities, and from low income families.

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