Essay about Abnormal Psychology : An Observable Manifestation Of Abnormality

Essay about Abnormal Psychology : An Observable Manifestation Of Abnormality

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To define abnormal psychology is to define three parts: there must be an observable manifestation of abnormality. You must be able to observe the “disturbance in an individual cognition, emotion regulation, or behaviour.”(20) A clinical definition provided by the DSM-5. A disorder which is completely internalized with no observable component would not be considered abnormal. Secondly, this disturbance must be statistical different from what is regarded as societal norms. Smoking could be viewed as a disturbance that reflects a dysfunction. However, smoking is not regarded as abnormal because there are too many smokers, it is not a statistical infrequency. The last criteria to be met is that this disturbance must have a result or outcome and that result or outcome must be seen as harmful or negative to the individual or those observing.
Before we can understand this theory however, we need to look into what is defined in clinical psychology as abnormal psychology, Davidson and Neal know how important abnormal psychology is to psychologists, so they put together a clinical definition for what they consider abnormal psychology “Abnormal psychology includes such characteristics as statistical infrequency, violation of [societal] norms, personal distress, disability or dysfunction, and unexpectedness” (2). This is how clinical psychologists would try to define abnormal behaviour but it is more than five characteristics that define you as abnormal.
Statistical infrequency happens when something happens infrequency, making it different from the norm. Abnormal behaviour in itself is infrequent, that’s what makes it abnormal. Mental retardation is an example of statistical infrequency, they fall below on intelligence on a bell-curve line...

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...the trend, it is easier to allocate research to specific areas that need to be change as society changes. To be considered abnormal clinically, is to hit three criteria. 1. It is an observable manifestation of abnormality; you need to understand what the abnormality is before they can be treated. 2. It must be different from the norm, you could classify many things as abnormal in Canada, like plugging your car in your oil won’t freeze, which is the norm here; versus someone in California thinking that’s insane. Lastly, the disturbance must have a result or outcome that is harmful to the person or to those observing. People have eccentricities, the line is if that eccentricity is harming daily life or hindering their abilities. Psychologists need to be able to classify abnormal behavior as such because they treat it; they are the last defense between you and yourself.

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