Abner Doubleday : The Man That Is Responsible For The Invention Of Modern Day Baseball

Abner Doubleday : The Man That Is Responsible For The Invention Of Modern Day Baseball

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Abner Doubleday is the man that is responsible for the invention of modern day baseball. Alexander Cartwright formed and developed the rules for baseball in 1845, and went on to develop and manage the baseball clubs in New York. As we know today, the teams have spread throughout the entire U.S. to make up the 30 teams that are present in our MLB today. How has the baseball equipment and game changed from when it was first started to what it is today?
The credibility was granted to Abner Doubleday (Encyclopedia 2016) for creating the sport of baseball in Cooperstown, New York, although most people don 't agree. Doubleday was born June 26, 1819. Abner was a United States Army officer and Union general in the Civil War. After being relieved of his duties in the Army he moved to San Francisco and got a patent on the cable car still in use today.
In 1845 Alexander Joy Cartwright (Encyclopedia 2016) of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, came up with twenty rules known as the Knickerbocker rules. All of the rules however were not very specific to the game of BaseBall. Only fourteen rules pertained to the the field. For example, rule 13 states “ A player can not be put out of the game by being hit by a thrown ball.
Although the rules have changed, the aspect remains the same. Thanks to Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright the game of baseball continues to be played all over the world today. Another big change to the sport is how the equipment and safety gear. The first game of course the players didn’t have Nike gloves, cleats and uniforms.
The baseball glove itself wasn 't always apart of the game. Players would rather break their fingers trying to catch a fastball. Every Time a player would try to catch a ball bare hand they ...

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...me that has gone from just a few states, spread to the whole country, then spread to the entire world. People love the game so much they play it on there phones, video games, watch it on television and even go watch it at the local ball field. Many people are very serious when they play and everyone plays it to have fun. The game has developed so much over the years, yet people continue to love the great game known as Baseball.
Abner Doubleday is the man that is responsible for the invention of modern day baseball. So as we get peanuts and crackerjacks we will sit down before the national anthem and enjoy one of America’s favorite past times. As we know today, the teams have spread throughout the entire U.S. to make up the 30 teams that are present in our MLB today. How has the baseball equipment and game changed from when it was first started to what it is today?

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