Ability Grouping As A Self Fulfilling Prophecy : A Micro Analysis Of Teacher Student Interaction

Ability Grouping As A Self Fulfilling Prophecy : A Micro Analysis Of Teacher Student Interaction

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Eder, D. (1981). Ability grouping as a self-fulfilling prophecy: A micro-analysis of teacher-student interaction. Sociology of Education, 151-162.
Eder did a social analysis of ability grouping and how it affects a child 's social interactions. The author looked at many of the psychological studies including this topic and found that students become goal oriented when placed in a group of peers similar to their ability. The article also concludes that this grouping has a positive effect on social interactions overall. This information is important to examine because to make this program successful students must not only be academically successful but feel like they fit in and be able to relate to people in that same group they are placed in. I find this information useful in supporting my thesis in favor of keeping ability grouping in schools. This study eliminates any changes to this portion of ability grouping.

Holton v. City of Thomasville School Dist., 425 F.3d 1325 (11th Cir. 2005).
This is a case taken to court over the racial discrimination in the Thomasville school district regarding ability grouping. A disproportionate number of low income children (most of whom happen to be black) were placed in the lower ability groups. From there those children were permanently placed in that group and never retested. The court ruled in favor of the school district on grounds that they had no intention of discrimination. They found that the students had just been raised in unfortunate circumstances that lead to their unsupported scholarly career. The courts did however find the school system flawed in the lacking of retesting students, but deemed that because of lack of funds the school district had no power over changing their un...

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...ve taken over the new version of ability grouping. In this paper there is a clear calling for more implications for further research and practice. This article addresses that they 're in fact was a change in how ability grouping works, but not the right changes were made. The administrators of this program are not happy with the end result of these changes to this homogeneous teaching program. This article is useful in showing that even if there are changes made to a program, there must be yearly reform and schools must make an effort to clarify how to improve any changes to a current learning system. If this is not done, then the teachers implementing this learning program will run into problems and that is where the system fails. This fits in with the talk of reform in the paper to come and addresses some of the obstacles that come with the reform of a program.

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