A Speech At The Cajun Dome Essay

A Speech At The Cajun Dome Essay

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Scott Angelle, Former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and gubernatorial candidate, gave a powerful speech at the Rally for Economic Survival Event hosted at the Cajun Dome in 2010. His target audience was everyone affected by the oil and gas industry, from the taxi driver to the soccer mom. His message was that he will transform Louisiana back into the energy powerhouse it once was through policies that support the energy industry, which will in turn allow the economy to prosper on both the state and national level. In contrast to the policies instated by the Federal Government, such as the drilling moratorium, which inhibits the growth of the industry.
Angelle commenced his vibrant performance with a friendly welcome. He began, “…And a special welcome to each and every one of you and thank you for making the sacrifices necessary to be a part of this historic event today. Never, never have so many people so many friends and so many American workers gathered here at this location, at this very spot to support one effort and one goal today we come here clearly to send a message.” His use of emotive words in the aforementioned phrases such as “special” and “historic” add fervor to the consequent points of his speech. He continued with, “Not only from the ball field to the cane field but from Abbeville to Capitol Hill and from the banks of the historic Vermillion River to the powerful banks of the Potomac River.” By relating the distance his message will travel between well-known relative points within the state and the nation his rhetoric catches the attention of the audience and creates a sense of importance on the arguments to follow. Overall, his introduction appealed to pathos and was persuasive.
Next, Angelle declared that t...

... middle of paper ...

...tor requires us to manage all of our natural resources to improve the lives of all Americans”. The first sentence of the statement reminded the audience of how the oil and gas industry affects nearly everyone. The second sentence appealed to logos with the use of a statistic and then proceeded to appeal to pathos through using the phrase “nation’s best”. The final sentence appealed to ethos by using “Creator” and left a resounding impact upon the audience.
Overall Angelle’s speech at the Rally for Economic Survival Event was effective. He kept the audience from dozing off with engaging examples and convinced them with his use of statistics. His use of rhetorical techniques were nicely balanced and cohesive. His final statements petrified his plea in the minds of the audience. I would vote for Scott Angelle in the future election for state governor.

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