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In today’s day and age, conversations are held flawlessly, friendships are made everyday, and it’s easy to share your thoughts with the world. Although this may sound like a social utopia, all these examples are done without speaking a word, owing to the fact that all these actions are done behind an illuminating screens and keyboards. The screens may vary between a cell phone or computer, or anything in between.
While attending high school, the majority of my classmates were struggling to pay attention in class, and would never to hold opened ended conversations with fellow students and teachers. After the brutality of them being social was over, they would retreated to the seat in the back of the room, and I could the the lights of the screen they were staring at, illuminating the pupils of my classmate. This was the case for the rest of my high school career, but now it was with more than one classmate. The constant urge to be connected has drained them to become social. That is why I lack any social media account, due to the fear that I have of losing my connection to the outside world. Though it may seem humorous to some, this is a true epidemic now taking the nation by storm.
The hardest facts are often the coldest, and the absolute zero is that the face to face interactions that were beloved by many are now forgotten and superseded by electronics and social media websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to name a few. Presently our youth, as well as the mature populations, are suffering and lacking in field of viable social skills.
This increase of technical use, and decline of physical-social skills, can ultimately lead to the demise of the social skills in our beloved nation. With our nation constantl...

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...countless boarders are being broken in all aspects, but at what cost? It is absolutely great to see that our youth can now enjoy the benefits of learning the same subjects taught in the past from the comfort of a tablet or laptop,
but that same joy that is being felt, is the primary reason to neglect physical interactions. The contemporary teaching methods yield benefits, but the cons seem to tip the scale.
Our youth feel as if they unconditionally have to immerse themselves into technology to fit in. It is impossible to simply return the advances that we have made as a society, so the only thing that can be done is to utilize our technology responsibly. Children should be limited to the duration of their time online. Another precaution that could be taken is to monitor what sites are being accessed to insure that social skills are not being lost in the process.

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