A Short Note On The Elements Of Sound Essay

A Short Note On The Elements Of Sound Essay

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Often times I read a poem to myself silently and find it hard to understand the significance of the point that the author is trying to establish. It is when that poem is read aloud that it really begins to shine and bring feeling to a work of art (823). The elements of sound are what make a poem come to life and provoke thought in the readers mind so that the author and reader make a connection. Whether it is creating flow, provoking immersive images, or creating suspense, elements of sound like alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rime strengthen the meaning of a poem in ways that you could never fully experience when reading silently.
Alliteration is an element of sound where the repetition of sounds is found in successive words (815). Since alliteration is repetition of sound and not spelling it could be more difficult to understand its full meaning when read silently (815). Being able to hear the alliteration is a significant way that an author can strengthen their meaning behind a poem. When reading aloud having repetitive sounds make the poem flow as if the words where just rolling off your tongue. In the poem “Much Madness is divinest Sense” alliteration is used to show significance about the entire meaning of the poem. The very first two words, “Much madness”, is an example of alliteration that catches your attention and makes you ponder through out the duration of the poem what madness really is (1004). Dickinson argues the perception of sane and insane, and uses alliteration express importance. “Much Sense—the starkest Madness— (“Madness” 3)”, is an exact opposite of the opening line that says, “Much madness is the divinest sense—“ (1). Dickinson ties the words sense and starkest together, which makes you think that...

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...re and flow creating suspense as he changes the sounds that the reader has started to become accustom to as he draws near the end of his story. “In her sepulcher there by the sea, / In her tomb by the sounding sea.” (“Annabel” 39-40). After the break in rime Poe resorts back to riming with the long “e” to solidify the love he still has for Annabel Lee.
Sound makes poetry shine and bring feeling to a work of art (823). The elements of sound are what make a poem come to life and provoke thought in the readers mind so that the author and reader make a connection. Whether it is the use of alliteration to ties words together with emphasis and make thought provoking connections, onomatopoeia to provoke immersive images in the mind, or rime to create suspense and structure an atmosphere, elements of sound greatly strengthen the meaning being illustrated. (word count 1032)

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