Essay on A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

Essay on A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell research has been a hot topic for some years now; it is still an area of science that many don’t understand. To first understand what stem cell research is, you must understand what a stem cell is. A stem cell is basically like a blank canvas. They are cells that can continue to replicate themselves and depending on the type of cell they can be coded to replicate a specific type of cell (i.e. cardiac, brain, or any other type of organ). There are two primary stem cells that are used for research. The first type being an embryonic stem cell. This type of cell is obtained from aborted fetuses or fertilized eggs. These cells are the most versatile type of stem cell. The second type of stem cell is an Adult stem cell. These types of cells are less versatile in what they can do because the body already codes them for a certain purpose (i.e. blood, intestine, skin, and muscle). Therefore they already serve a purpose and that is why they are named Adult stem cells. The name does not mean they are derived from adult humans. Stem Cell research is the process of which either type of cell is used and trialed for the use of various types of therapies. This either being the means to cures of various diseases or the use of an on going medical therapy like a medication would be used. Regardless it is the process of using these cells to advance current medical therapies. However, the process from obtaining them to the process of using them has undergone much scrutiny from the public, human right activists, and even fellow researchers.

Embryonic and Adult stem cell research face many legal issues. However the largest legal issues surround the use of embryonic stem cells. This being a huge issue for researchers, as these are the types...

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... best for everyone involved. If I were part of an ethics committee on this decision I would have to honestly think if I were the best candidate because of my bias views on the subject. My intuition, which as my ELI states is what I use most, tells me that while bias I am still thinking for the greater good of everyone involved.

Currently in Europe the use of Stem Cell research is far less restricted. In fact there are many Stem Cell clinics where people can get treatment with the use of stem cells. We do not hear of any issues coming from those countries and I believe it’s because there is less government influence in the decision to use stem cells. To help the USA battle this issue the use of a ethics committee would truly be beneficial in discovering if there is any ethical reason not to use them instead of our current primary reason which is because of ProLife.

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