A Research Study On Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

A Research Study On Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

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Antisocial Personality Disorder
Demaree Rodriguez
University of Mary

The topic that I chose for my human development paper was clients that obtain an antisocial personality disorder while in a secure facility. The age group that I focused my research to was a range from 18 to 26. According to the DSM-V an individual must be 18 in order to meet the criteria for this disorder. Often individuals start performing many of these same characteristics by the age of 15 but aren’t diagnosed prior to the age of 18. I chose this age group due to the fact that it is a very complicated time period in one’s life and produce the highest conviction rates within the prison systems.
In each of the research article that I have chosen they are fall under Erikson’s psychosocial developmental stage of identity versus role diffusion. This life stage ranges from the ages of 11 to 20 years old. During the adolescent development this stage goes through many different psychological changes before these individuals reach early adulthood. In this stage adolescence have an increase in abstract thought, formal operational thought, continuation of identity development, and moral reasoning. This stage has many complexities that come with this age period making it almost impossible at the time to know how you need to act, who you want to be or what you overall want.
According to the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology one of the characteristics to having an antisocial personality disorder is the failure to act responsibly with the tendency to lie and manipulate other people. Other characteristics that are noted in this study were low capabilities to feel shame, regret, empathy and known impulse control with many criminal acts. In the c...

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...give a good visual to how your client is truly seeing their situation. A tool similar to this questionnaire is something that I would hope to see around my clients when getting an idea on where they stand and what progress we will need to be making in order to move forward.
Within each of these studies the main idea was not to calculate how many people with specific disorders have a criminal background but rather determine the common characteristics between each subject and how they connected with the pre-surveys submitted. In my future career as a parole officer I hope to keep these studies in the back of my mind to help further grasp an understanding to what my clients are experiencing. Many of my clients will have some type of disorder and it is my duty to be able to identify these personality ques to seek further help from other health care professionals.

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