Essay on A Research Report On Onshore Wind Energy

Essay on A Research Report On Onshore Wind Energy

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The IEA’s research confirms that onshore wind energy is well on its way to overpower the installed cost of coal. Still, the installed cost of nuclear remains in competition with offshore wind energy. Looking further into the graph, offshore wind energy is steady in its growth. Wind energy made tremendous progress in its growth overseas, like the largest wind farm by capacity based in China, yet the United States is experiencing big breakthroughs in the percentage of generated electricity throughout the states. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), twelve states produced 80% of U.S. wind power in 2013. The state of Texas led the U.S. wind generated electricity with about 36 million megawatt hours of electricity. It was Iowa, however, that led the country in wind generation share with 27.4% of electricity production that materializes from wind turbines. The plains are an ideal location for turbines, which is a result of the high percentage of the electricity generation throughout the nation. China, however, carries the lowest cost for both onshore and offshore wind. The installed costs are $1,300/kW and $4,440/kW. The United States has the highest cost for wind energy. It is interesting to see a country like China, with pollution levels so extremely high, be so successful in the manufacturing and development of wind energy. The EIA reports that 167 million MWh of power was created from wind. There’s been an increase in overall wind generation; well above EIA’s previously reported percentages of 2012 production. Surprisingly, California exceeded its geothermal generation with wind generation for the first time in 2013.
As wind energy grows amongst the states, development continues to soar overseas. When ...

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...ngle house. The possibilities are endless.
That is exactly what makes wind energy so incredible. The possibilities are indeed endless. Everything from the type of turbine, big or small, to the location of the turbine, onshore or offshore, helps each customer/investor. Perhaps this is what makes wind energy so unique. Other renewable resources may not have the same options like the ones wind energy offers. Wind energy is also a great benefit to the job market. The wind industry employs people for numerous positions. The construction, engineering and development of turbines are enough to employ thousands across the country. In addition to bringing cleaner energy resources to protect the environment, the sector can provide a livelihood as well. Ultimately, the wind industry will remain lucrative and continue to grow and costs remain low and demand continues to soar.

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