Essay on A Research Corporation Is Better Prepared Against Future Attacks

Essay on A Research Corporation Is Better Prepared Against Future Attacks

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Recently Advanced Research corporation has had much success in the medical research and development field. To keep the company’s success growing the company needs to ensure the information that is gained by doing research is not stolen. As the company becomes more successful it may also become a bigger target for attackers to try slow down productivity or steal data.
One important thing Advanced Research corporation must do is ensure the company’s network remains active as well as secure. Down time on the network means loss of productivity of its employees since they won’t be able to access network resources when needed.
Recently the company has been attacked in different ways. Attackers have tried to steal intellectual property and sell it to competitors. Advanced Research corporation has been accused of false and unethical research development practices. The public website for Advanced Research corporation has been attacked several times using Denial of Service attacks several times within a 9 month period. We need to ensure that Advanced Research corporation is better prepared against future attacks.
The current infrastructure for Advanced Research corporation is based on 2 sites and as the company grows the possibility of adding more computer hardware rises. Currently the network consists of 58 Windows Servers, 15 Unix servers 2207 Windows client machines and a few other servers for web, database and networking services.
I would like to ensure the network as well as the physical hosts are all locked down as much as they can be while remaining functional. Also ensure that the servers are up to date on patching and security packs.
One tool that can assist in locking down the servers that I would recommend is the Nessus scan ...

... middle of paper ...

...p to $15000 for a 3 year subscription. I would recommend one install per site. One for the Reston Research Facility and one for New York Headquarters. A subscription would be necessary to ensure Nessus can be kept up to date with the plugins to scan against the latest vulnerabilities.
With the recommended tool it would not have much if any effect on the production environment. It would mainly be used to gather information on vulnerabilities that exist and give a way to mitigate them leaving Advanced Research corporation more secure. We can perform the scans during off time hours at night to ensure production is not Affected. We can also control how many hosts or devices we scan at a time which is good in case we saw network speeds drop.
In closing the Nessus Scan tool from Tenable would be a great tool to better secure your network at Advanced Research corporation.

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