A Persuasive Essay On Avoiding Spending Too Across The Idea That We All Hear That Dreadful Five Letter Word

A Persuasive Essay On Avoiding Spending Too Across The Idea That We All Hear That Dreadful Five Letter Word

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From time to time we all hear that dreadful five letter word; “essay”. Even though I am sure that we would all like to delete the word from existence, unfortunately, it will go on being an annoying part of high school. Many students hear this word and immediately begin to worry about whether or not they have a sufficient amount of time to write it, or if they can even write an essay good enough to get an acceptable grade on it. They struggle with not knowing how to write an effective essay. Most students really struggle getting across the idea that they want to tell their readers. The writing in these student’s papers is fairly good, but people who try reading their essays usually have a problem trying to understand it. What people do not know is how easy it can be to write an essay if they just sit down and relax. Well, whether it is a persuasive essay or just a simple book report, there is a simple way to write a good essay while avoiding spending a stressful amount of time on it.
Well, the very first thing you need to do before doing anything else, is ask yourself a question. After all, all of the great things we have in our world today began with a simple question. So let us start our papers by doing the exact same thing. The question can be any question in the world that you want, just as long as you believe that you have a strong answer that can be backed up with more than just one argument. Think about what your reader, or readers, will want to know from you. Starting by asking a question helps you to focus in on what your paper will actually be about. It also helps you go through the brainstorming process a little faster. After you ask this question, the reader is going to want to know the answer to that question and tha...

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...an it is best to look over your paper before you turn it in to make sure that you get rid of those mistakes.
The next step you will be focusing on writing your introduction. To most people the introduction to the essay is a minor part of the entire paper, but actually the introduction is more important than you may think. There are three reasons as to why writing a good introduction will benefit you in the long run. Number one, if you write a good introduction, then your whole essay will be much easier to write. Think of the introduction as a seed. Just as a tree grows from a seed, an essay grows from an introduction. It also helps you by quickly summarize the details of what your essay will be about for your readers, so that they will know if they want to continue reading it or not. Lastly it will give you the order of your arguement and guide you through your paper.

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