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A & P Analysis Essay

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Activists; who are they? People who support or oppose a cause or issue. They are individuals who fight and defend their viewpoints - protecting and standing for what they believe is right. These advocates persuade and gather many supporters for their cause. Sometimes, they get their argument across successfully, resulting in events to go the way that they desire. Other times, however, things just do not go their way, resulting in defeat. In a way similar to activists, Sammy, the protagonist of John Updike’s short story “A & P”, stands his ground for what he thinks is moral, however, only to later face disappointment. On a hot scorching summer day, Sammy, a teenage clerk at an A & P grocery store, is working the cash register when three ladies about his age enter barefoot, dressed in nothing but bathing suits, to purchase herring snacks. Sammy allows the ladies to continue shopping, judging them based on appearance like average adolescents. However, this ends when Lengel, the elderly and strict manager of the shop, notices the three customers and feels that they are not properly dres...

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