Essay about The, A Nice Cup Of Tea

Essay about The, A Nice Cup Of Tea

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There is always that one person an individual will turn to in a time of distress, instants of fear, moments of fear, and so on. For some, it could be their mother, father, brother or sister. For others, it could be rather the comfort of a book, a movie, a nice cup of tea. For me, however, whenever I hear the word hero, I automatically think of my best friend Lexi Felt.
The definition of a hero varies greatly, but always has the common ground of being a life changer, somebody you look towards for a shoulder to lean on, and being dependable. Let me just say that Lexi has been one of the most dependable people in my life, and our friendship has only existed for four years.
She is the girl who has been through all the dramas of high school and supported me through auditions, try- outs, break ups and break downs, and always having a humorous thought to contribute to whatever we’re talking about.
However, when we first met our freshman year, I never knew that we would become the instant friends we did over such an unhealthy habit. I was the cheerleader dating the starting center A-team football star. She was the punk rock girl not afraid to voice her opinions and express exactly how she felt right at that moment. Although we seem so different on the outside, on the inside we shared one dirty, terrible practice that reappeared constantly throughout our high school career- self harm. Neither of us were happy about where we were in our lives with a past filled with bullying and having our ideas shoved down our throats. Granted, we both reacted differently to it; Lexi lashed out and retaliated while I sat and let it happen letting it mold the person I did not want to become.
Knowing we both had to get out of it, we found different outlet...

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...o has been through all of the rough patches and the good times with me. Yes, we sometimes fight, but that is only normal. There is no such thing as a perfect friendship or relationship where you agree on everything together. We have different political views, different ideas on what a feminist should be, different religious views, and different coping techniques. But that never confines us in our friendship; we look at each of our differences and see that it makes us unique and who we are, and that we have no place to try and change that.
With that being said, it is very clear as to why Lexi is not only my hero, but also my best friend. Not many people deserve the title of being a best friend and I have learned that just as anybody else would. Lexi, however, deserves that title more than anybody I have ever known because she is not only by best friend, but my hero.

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