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Everyday there is a new report of crime, a victim with whom we share similarities; it is a story that thrives on each of our deepest fears and puts us on the lookout for those who might make us the next victim. False media images and one’s ability to fear the unknown reinforce stereotype threats and cause people to feel threatened in safe environments simply due to the presence of a person of a different people group. It is illogical and even harmful to be anxious around people of different ages, races, or genders than yourself.
Age is a commonly stereotyped characteristic. In downtown Pittsburgh, two girls were walking home when a group of three adults attacked them. The adults, two men and a woman, appeared to be in their thirties and had no known connections to the girls. The teenagers were beaten, kicked, and thrown until the authorities came. Both girls were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. According to a Gallup research poll, 49% of all teenagers do not feel safe walking within a mile of their home because they fear they could be attacked by an older member of society. However, the percent of the population of people 12-17, 18-24, and 25-34 years old that become victims of violent crimes is 1.7%, 1.6%, and 1.5% respectively. This means that teens are only .1% more likely to be a victim of a violent crime and thus should not fear adults. A report from Reuters says that, since the many media reports of police violence against teenagers have come out, 53% of all people under 30 years of age say that the police target younger people. According to the FBI’s 10-year arrest trend, the number of arrest of people under the age of 18 has decreased 54.8% from 1,280,195 in 2006 to 578,538 in 2015 while the number of arrest...

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...s 2014 survey, only 50.8% of all violent crimes were committed by men, leaving the other 49.2% of crimes to be committed by women. The belief that men are more dangerous than women is no longer true, yet women still feel fear while in the presence of unknown men.
False media images that reinforce stereotype threats cause people to feel threatened in safe environments simply due to the presence of persons of another age, race, or gender. Statistics have proven that violence does not have a significant link between race, gender, or age yet tensions remain high between groups. The only things that can stop stereotype threats are unbiased news distributors and a deeper understanding of statistical facts regarding violent crimes in the United States; without either of these things, Americans will continue to fear their neighbors and their neighbors will fear them as well.

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